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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

My heart is heavy as I become more and more aware of the astronimical increase of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence. It was already bad before; but the pandemic and certain “leaders” have somehow fanned the flames and created a roaring fire of hatred.

Something I wish on no one is the experience of racial/ethnic trauma. It’s not even something I want my worst enemies to experience (and that’s saying something). As a Black woman, it is something I know all to0 well. But every other day or so, white supremacy forces us to welcome our friends into this terrible club. It’s the trauma club, where everyone is afraid because who they are puts them at risk of being harassed, assaulted, and killed. The amount of narcissistic privilege it takes to pick up a weapon and murder someone because you are a xenophobic ignoramus is mind boggling. And then to have the media present it as having a “bad day” (!!!????). I say this with all seriousness: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! It’s on par with a white man blaming low blood sugar on his bigotry being exposed. Who knew being hangry was a defense...

Whiteness, and the proximity to it, seems to be so intoxicating that racists, bigots, and xenophobes think it’s ok to engage in unwarranted and unprovoked violence. You know what I hate? Taxes. And student loan payments. Diet culture. Racism. You know what I have to do? Build a bridge and get the hell over it. I, nor other marginalized people, am not bequeathed the privilege to eradicate the things and people I hate. But the media will scramble to perpetuate the narrative that if you’re a certain gender and a certain color, exceptions can be made for your abhorrent behavior. Most people who have diagnosed mental health disorders do not commit murder. That’s just fact. Most people who have a BAD DAY do not engage in nationalism or terrorism.

I guess it’s just too damn much to ask to be anything more than a target. #stopasianhate

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