Who has access to my information?

I take confidentiality incredibly seriously.  As a psychologist, I am bound by ethics and law to keep client information private and confidential. 



Quality Care You Can Count On

All client information is kept confidential.  I will only disclose necessary information in the following circumstances:

  • you provide me with written permission (i.e. speaking with your medical providers, insurance companies, etc.)

  • I am court ordered to provide information (this is an extremely rare occurrence)

  • you tell me you intend to kill yourself or another person(s)

  • you provide details of abuse of a child, elder, or vulnerable person 

Any information disclosed about your care is kept to the minimum necessary to meet a specific purpose.  I will always speak with you prior to any disclosure and will discuss any concerns related to you or your care.  

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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