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Bledman Psychological Services, LLC provides individual, group and couples therapy to a diverse population of clients. All clinicians are specially trained in working with diverse populations and marginalized communities. Expertise include diversity issues, mood disorders, adjustment disorders, sexual assault recovery, LGBTQIA+ concerns, chronic health, identity concerns and much more. Along with clinical work, therapists are involved in national organization, teaching, and community service. Therapists in the practice are available for consultation, workshops, and clinical supervision.

What to Expect

We use the intake/first session to get to know you.  Each therapist has a different approach to gathering information and insight into you as a whole person. Our team is comprised of multicultural therapists who prioritize understanding your worldview; including your values and how you identify in terms of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion/faith, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.  You may be surprised by how your identity influences your life!  We collaboratively set therapy goals and use our sessions to explore emotions, behaviors and thoughts and how they influence your current and past concerns.

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